The MINA 2.0 User Guide can be found here : [User Guide](userguide/user-guide-toc.html)

Presentation Materials

These presentation materials will help you understand the overall architecture and core constructs of MINA

Versions & References

There are currently three branches in MINA:

JavaDoc Source Code Description
2.0 main, test The officially recommended production-ready branch
2.1 main, test The new recommended production-ready branch
3.0 trunk The version we are currently working on

You might also want to read the [frequently asked questions](faq.html] and learn how to contact us before getting started.


For Developers


You can browse all examples here.

Name Feature it demonstrates Side
Reverser Text protocol based on a protocol codec Server
SumUp server Complex binary protocol based on a protocol codec Both
Echo server Low-level I/O and SSL Server
NetCat Client programming Client
HTTP server Stream-based synchronous I/O Server
Tennis In-VM pipe communication Both
Chat server Spring integration Both
Proxy Resending received bytes on another session. Both

Older Presentation Materials