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The Apache MINA project has a very active and responsive community. You will get more than you expect from usual open source communities here. Mostly, communication among the team and the users takes place in the following places:

People in the community usually:

  • asks questions on the usage of API and how-to,
  • suggests a new feature,
  • points out a problem with general design and API usability,
  • reports a problem (or potentially a bug),
  • posts related information from other projects,
  • and post Testimonials.

Of course, the list above doesn’t mean that you may not post any other stuff. Please don’t hesitate to post anything related with MINA.

Before Posting Your Message

Are you in trouble with MINA? Are you busy and do you want to fix your problem as soon as possible? Do you want a new feature as soon as possible? Then please read this section very carefully before posting your message. Posting a message without detailed information to the mailing list is not a good idea. Sending an e-mail to the contributors directly is even worse and adds more delay to the response time. Please note that it is the worst idea to send the same message more than once, and your message can be ignored by the community.

Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Reporting

  1. Read all tutorials in Documentation if you didn’t yet.
  2. Read Frequently Asked Questions if you didn’t yet.
  3. Make sure you are using the latest stable release. If you are not using the latest stable release, please upgrade right now and test again before causing a lot of complication.
  4. Make sure if there’s any related pages in MINA web site; please use the ‘Google Search’ form on the top-right side of this page.
  5. Make sure if there was any related discussion in the mailing list; please use the ‘Mailing List Search’ form on the top-right side of this page.
  6. Make sure if there’s any related JIRA issues; please visit our issue tracker to search for the related issues.

If you couldn’t find any related information in the mailing list archive and the issue tracker,

  • Provide us the exact procedure including related source code to reproduce your problem. If you are going to provide us source code, please make sure it builds and runs without any modification. We can’t do anything with the source code with unknown external dependencies. JUnit test case which reproduces the problem will put your report in our highest priority.
  • Attach full thread stack dump if your application is frozen or you suspect a dead lock. (how to generate a thread dump)
  • Attach full heap dump if you are getting an OutOfMemoryError or you suspect a memory leak. (how to generate a heap dump)
  • Specify the environment in detail as much as possible. ** The version of MINA you are using right now. ** Operating system version, distribution, architecture, … ** JVM vendor, version, build number, command line arguments, … ** Network settings (e.g. IPv6, Gigabit LAN, WiFi, GPS network)

Asking for a New Feature

  • Please check the Road Map first to avoid duplicate requests.
  • As a part of the community, please consider active contribution rather than waiting for the new feature; please read 8 Steps for Fixing Other People’s Code.

Other Ways to Contact the MINA Community

Contacting via the mailing list is always preferred, but you can also contact us via IRC if you need immediate chat assistance. Please note that we might not be able to respond to your message immediately.

  • Server:
  • Channel: #mina