Older FtpServer Releases

FtpServer 1.1.x

Version Download Links Date
Apache FtpServer 1.1.3 Download 25/Feb/2022
Apache FtpServer 1.1.2 Download 03/Jan/2022
Apache FtpServer 1.1.1 Download 03/Jul/2020
Apache FtpServer 1.1.0 Download 02/Jun/2019

FtpServer 1.0.x

Note that this version is not anymore maintained.

Version Download Links Date
Apache FtpServer 1.0.6 Download 04/May/2018
Apache FtpServer 1.0.5 Download 02/Oct/2010
Apache FtpServer 1.0.4 Download 13/Mar/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.3 Download 17/Jun/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.2 Download 17/Jun/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.1 Download 18/May/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0 Download 28/Feb/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0-RC2 Download 31/Jan/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0-RC1 Download 13/Jan/2009
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0-M4 Download 10/Dec/2008
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0-M3 Download 08/Sep/2008
Apache FtpServer 1.0.0-M2 Download 11/Aug/2008

Verify the integrity of the files

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the KEYS as well as the asc signature file for the relevant distribution. Then verify the signatures using:

$ pgpk -a KEYS
$ pgpv apache-ftpserver-1.1.3.tar.gz.asc


$ pgp -ka KEYS
$ pgp apache-ftpserver-1.1.3.tar.gz.asc


$ gpg --import KEYS
$ gpg --verify apache-apache-ftpserver-1.1.3.tar.gz.asc

Previous Releases

The previous releases can be found here.

Version Numbering Scheme

The version number of FtpServer has the following form:

<major>.<minor>.<micro> \[-M<milestone number> or -RC<release candidate number>]

This scheme has three number components:

  • The major number increases when there are incompatible changes in the API.
  • The minor number increases when a new feature is introduced.
  • The micro number increases when a bug or a trivial change is made.

and an optional label that indicates the maturity of a release:

  • M (Milestone) means the feature set can change at any time in the next milestone releases. The last milestone release becomes the first release candidate after a vote.
  • RC (Release Candidate) means the feature set is frozen and the next RC releases will focus on fixing problems unless there is a serious flaw in design. The last release candidate becomes the first GA release after a vote.
  • No label implies GA (General Availability), which means the release is stable enough and therefore ready for production environment.

Here’s an example that illustrates how FtpServer version number increases:

1.0.0-M1 -> 1.0.0-M2 -> 1.0.0-M3 -> 1.0.0-M4 -> 1.0.0-RC1 -> 1.0.0-RC2 -> 1.0.0-RC3 -> 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2 -> 1.1.0-M1 ...

Please note that we always specify the micro number, even if it’s zero.