Issue Tracking

We are using two issue tracking systems to track all SSHD issues including bugs. Use either one, but please don’t file the same issue at both.

If neither option is suitable for you, issues can also be reported via e-mail as a last resort.

How to report a bug

Writing a bug report with detailed information will help us to fix your problem sooner.

  • Make sure if the bug you are going to report doesn’t exist yet.
  • Attaching JUnit test case which reproduces the problem will put your report in our highest priority.
  • Attach full thread stack dump if you suspect a dead lock.
  • Attach full heap dump if you suspect a memory leak.
  • Specify the environment in detail as much as possible.
    • Operating system version, distribution, architecture, …
    • JVM vendor, version, build number, command line arguments, …
    • Network settings