Apache Mina SSHD 0.7.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes.

Getting the Distributions

Release Notes

Apache Mina SSHD 0.7.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes. Please report any feedback to users@mina.apache.org.

  • Bug
    • SSHD-120 - list 1500 files in one directory not working for mindterm sftp client
    • SSHD-123 - TcpipForward race condition & deadlock on client disconnect.
    • SSHD-126 - Reduce overall logging
    • SSHD-129 - TCP connection through Port Forward can take up to 5 seconds due to DNS lookup
    • SSHD-132 - NativeSshFile does not close RandomAccessFile on IOException
    • SSHD-143 - Missing SVN EOL properties
    • SSHD-145 - InvertedShellWrapper may not send process output back if process exits too fast
    • SSHD-146 - SSH Server : EOF from command not propagating to Process (InvertedShell)
    • SSHD-148 - Support for protoversion 1.99 - Section 5.1, “Old Client, New Server”, RFC 4253
    • SSHD-151 - Direct TCP/IP Port Forward sends EOF to client after closing channel
    • SSHD-157 - SshServer.stop should be idempotent
    • SSHD-160 - Standard ScpCommand does not work with pscp
    • SSHD-168 - SFTP returns wrong ownership information
    • SSHD-170 - Change the BundleSymbolic-Name to include the groupId
    • SSHD-171 - ScpCommand block indefinitely when using the “-p” flag
  • Improvement
    • SSHD-121 - Add Factories to create IoAcceptors for TcpipForwardSupport & X11ForwardSupport
    • SSHD-147 - Allow idle timeout to be disabled.
    • SSHD-153 - Improve handling of SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_WINDOW_ADJUST message
    • SSHD-158 - Latest HEAD does not build on Windows
    • SSHD-162 - Allow the configuration of InvertedShellWrapper’s thread pool
    • SSHD-163 - Allow InvertedShellWrapper to implement SessionAware
    • SSHD-164 - Allow the buffer size for the IO pumps to be configurable in InvertedShellWrapper
    • SSHD-166 - Upgrade to mina 2.0.4
    • SSHD-167 - Allow the ClientChannel#waitFor to wait for the channel to be opened
    • SSHD-172 - Provide a way to access the list of active sessions from the server
  • New Feature
    • SSHD-165 - Improved support for SSH agents, including a local proxy without the needs for native libraries (for unix sockets or windows pipes)