Apache Mina SSHD 0.6.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes.

Getting the Distributions

Release Notes

Apache Mina SSHD 0.6.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes. Please report any feedback to users@mina.apache.org.

  • Bug
    • SSHD-19 - NullPointerException during SSHD data write
    • SSHD-89 - EOF is not send by the client
    • SSHD-97 - Uploading file via SFTP leaves file in locked state on Windows
    • SSHD-100 - [sftp] open(2) w/ O_CREAT|O_TRUNC works, but O_CREAT alone fails
    • SSHD-101 - [sftp] send correct amount of data in SSH_FXP_READ
    • SSHD-104 - FormatFlagsConversionMismatchException when using IBM JVM. Format String is invalid.
    • SSHD-105 - sftp: com.jcraft.jsch client can’t get files
    • SSHD-106 - Wrong use of ProcessBuilder.environment() in ProcessShellFactory.java
    • SSHD-110 - Wrong return type for createShellChannel() method of org.apache.sshd.ClientSession interface. It is ChannelSession but should be ChannelShell
    • SSHD-115 - Missing return handling SFTP SSH_FXP_OPEN cannot create error
    • SSHD-116 - Shouldn’t throw an exception when receiving an unsupported SFTP message
    • SSHD-133 - E command not handled for single file upload
  • Improvement
    • SSHD-96 - Virtual File System improvement for SCP and session injection
    • SSHD-98 - Directories in sftp should have executable permission set
    • SSHD-99 - The Session interface should give access to the user name authenticated on this session
    • SSHD-102 - Add error logging to org.apache.sshd.server.jaas.JaasPasswordAuthenticator.authenticate()
    • SSHD-107 - Extend SshFile etc views to scp command
    • SSHD-109 - Pass server session to FileSystemFactory.createFileSystemView
    • SSHD-111 - Support gssapi-with-mic authentication to use kerberos credentials
    • SSHD-113 - KeyPair provider from classpath resource
    • SSHD-114 - Session listener
    • SSHD-117 - Ignore “keepalive@jcraft.com” in addition to “keepalive@openssh.com
    • SSHD-119 - more specific docstring for Command interface
    • SSHD-135 - The performance of uploading and downloading files in SFTP subsystem is very poor.
    • SSHD-137 - Javadoc for SshFile.truncate() is wrong.
    • SSHD-139 - Impossible to run a ssh shell channel without a pty
    • SSHD-140 - Add configurable session idle timeout.
    • SSHD-142 - Ability to customize the number of nio workers on the client