Apache Mina SSHD 0.3.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes.

Getting the Distributions

Release Notes

Apache Mina SSHD 0.3.0 contains a few enhancements and bug-fixes. Please report any feedback to users@mina.apache.org.

  • Bug
    • SSHD-43 - When the ssh server is closed, channels are not closed cleanly, causing clients to hang
    • SSHD-44 - NPE in ScpCommand and improvement to ScpCommandFactory.createCommand
    • SSHD-48 - NullPointerException when calling sftp’ing to the server
    • SSHD-49 - When a large amount of text is written to a Putty client it causes the client to hang.
    • SSHD-53 - Make sure PublickeyAuthenticator and PasswordAuthenticator interfaces are consistent
    • SSHD-57 - SCPCommand erroneously assumes file lengths fit in integers.
    • SSHD-59 - Possible stack overflow when closing a client channel
  • Improvement
    • SSHD-22 - Add support for signals (especially window-change)
    • SSHD-41 - Provide a binary distribution
    • SSHD-42 - SSHD bundles should not import their own package
    • SSHD-46 - Upgrade to mina 2.0 rc1
    • SSHD-47 - The pty terminal parameters are not available to the shell
    • SSHD-51 - Support for subsystems
    • SSHD-52 - Refactor Shell and Command interfaces into a common interface
    • SSHD-58 - Think of better support for subclassing both SshServer and ScpCommand (and possibly other classes)
    • SSHD-63 - Better support for controlling the console when launching external processes for shells
  • New Feature
    • SSHD-40 - Support local/remote port forwarding on the server side
    • SSHD-60 - need interface to filter TCP/IP forwarding