This page captures known MINA Codecs available. These codecs may not be part of Apache MINA project. The Codecs are for reference purpose only.

The Codecs listed here may not be part of Apache MINA project. The information is for MINA Users for reference implementation available over the web

Protocol Codecs

The table below summarizes some of the known codecs

Protocol Project Description
Prefixed String Apache MINA Encodes/Decodes a a String with fixed length prefix
Object Serializer Apache MINA Serializes and deserializes Java objects
Text Line Apache MINA Encoding/Decoding between a text line data and a Java string object
Ftp Apache FtpServer FTP codecs
LDAP Apache Directory LDAP protocol Codecs
DNS Apache Directory DNS protocol Codecs
Kerberos Apache Directory Kerberos protocol Codecs
NTP Apache Directory NTP protocol Codecs
DHCP Apache Directory DHCP protocol Codecs
MRTMP Red5 Codecs for Multiplexing RTMP
RTMP Red5 Codecs for RTMP
RTSP Red5 Codecs for RTSP
SMTP MailsterSMTP SMTP Codecs
AMQP Apache Qpid AMQP Codecs
XMPP Jive Software Openfire XMPP Codecs
XMPP Vysper XMPP/XML Codecs. Subproject of MINA.
Google Protocol Buffers Apache MINA Codecs are still in sandbox