Extension Roadmap

Extension Roadmap

Change the prios!

If there is anything you want to implement, regardless if it is on this lists or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This is not set in stone! It’s just there to give some perspective


XEP-0004 Data Forms
XEP-0030 Service Discovery
XEP-0048 Bookmarks
XEP-0049 Private XML Storage
XEP-0054 vcard-temp
XEP-0090 Entity Time (deprecated, see XEP-0202)
XEP-0092 Software Version
XEP-0199 XMPP Ping
XEP-0202 Entity Time

In development

RFC3920 in progress, some features missing
RFC3921 in progress, major features missing
XEP-0060 Publish-Subscribe, fully compliant but not full featured
XEP-0045 Multi-user chat


XEP-0009 RPC
XEP-0077 In-band Registration