Class DemuxingProtocolDecoder

  extended by org.apache.mina.filter.codec.ProtocolDecoderAdapter
      extended by org.apache.mina.filter.codec.CumulativeProtocolDecoder
          extended by org.apache.mina.filter.codec.demux.DemuxingProtocolDecoder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DemuxingProtocolDecoder
extends CumulativeProtocolDecoder

A composite ProtocolDecoder that demultiplexes incoming IoBuffer decoding requests into an appropriate MessageDecoder.

Internal mechanism of MessageDecoder selection

  1. DemuxingProtocolDecoder iterates the list of candidate MessageDecoders and calls MessageDecoder.decodable(IoSession, IoBuffer). Initially, all registered MessageDecoders are candidates.
  2. If MessageDecoderResult.NOT_OK is returned, it is removed from the candidate list.
  3. If MessageDecoderResult.NEED_DATA is returned, it is retained in the candidate list, and its MessageDecoder.decodable(IoSession, IoBuffer) will be invoked again when more data is received.
  4. If MessageDecoderResult.OK is returned, DemuxingProtocolDecoder found the right MessageDecoder.
  5. If there's no candidate left, an exception is raised. Otherwise, DemuxingProtocolDecoder will keep iterating the candidate list.
Please note that any change of position and limit of the specified IoBuffer in MessageDecoder.decodable(IoSession, IoBuffer) will be reverted back to its original value.

Once a MessageDecoder is selected, DemuxingProtocolDecoder calls MessageDecoder.decode(IoSession, IoBuffer, ProtocolDecoderOutput) continuously reading its return value:

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See Also:
MessageDecoderFactory, MessageDecoder

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addMessageDecoder(Class<? extends MessageDecoder> decoderClass)
 void addMessageDecoder(MessageDecoder decoder)
 void addMessageDecoder(MessageDecoderFactory factory)
 void dispose(IoSession session)
          Releases the cumulative buffer used by the specified session.
protected  boolean doDecode(IoSession session, IoBuffer in, ProtocolDecoderOutput out)
          Implement this method to consume the specified cumulative buffer and decode its content into message(s).
 void finishDecode(IoSession session, ProtocolDecoderOutput out)
          Override this method to deal with the closed connection.
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Constructor Detail


public DemuxingProtocolDecoder()
Method Detail


public void addMessageDecoder(Class<? extends MessageDecoder> decoderClass)


public void addMessageDecoder(MessageDecoder decoder)


public void addMessageDecoder(MessageDecoderFactory factory)


protected boolean doDecode(IoSession session,
                           IoBuffer in,
                           ProtocolDecoderOutput out)
                    throws Exception
Implement this method to consume the specified cumulative buffer and decode its content into message(s).

Specified by:
doDecode in class CumulativeProtocolDecoder
in - the cumulative buffer
true if and only if there's more to decode in the buffer and you want to have doDecode method invoked again. Return false if remaining data is not enough to decode, then this method will be invoked again when more data is cumulated.
Exception - if cannot decode in.


public void finishDecode(IoSession session,
                         ProtocolDecoderOutput out)
                  throws Exception
Override this method to deal with the closed connection. The default implementation does nothing.

Specified by:
finishDecode in interface ProtocolDecoder
finishDecode in class ProtocolDecoderAdapter
Exception - if the read data violated protocol specification


public void dispose(IoSession session)
             throws Exception
Releases the cumulative buffer used by the specified session. Please don't forget to call super.dispose( session ) when you override this method.

Specified by:
dispose in interface ProtocolDecoder
dispose in class CumulativeProtocolDecoder
Exception - if failed to dispose all resources

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