Before calling a vote

  • Update the README.txt file
  • Copy trunk revision to branch

    svn copy -m "Branching for release" -r <revision><release version>
    svn co<release version>
  • Up version in trunk

    mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=<next version>-SNAPSHOT -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
    svn -m "Increasing version for new development in trunk" commit
  • Update version in branch

    mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=<release version> -DgenerateBackupPoms=false
    svn -m "Setting version for release of <release version>" commit
  • mvn -Papache-release clean deploy

  • Close staging repository on
  • Gather distribution files and upload to
  • Start vote

After a successful vote

  • Update site,
  • Run the auto-export plugin (else the news on the first page won't be updated correctly)
  • Wait until replication to /www/confluence-exports/FTPSERVER has run

  • Upload XML schema

    scp core/src/main/resources/org/apache/ftpserver/config/spring/ftpserver-1.0.xsd
  • Build and tag

    mvn -Papache-release clean deploy
    svn move -m "Tagging <release version>"<release version><release version>
  • Upload to /www/

  • Release in JIRA
  • Update MINA site (add news and update latest downloads in navigation)
  • Wait for mirrors to sync
  • Send out announcement

Run script to create documentation ZIP file, on